My only real interest is life is freedom from ‘me’ – all my other loves and enthusiasms stem from that, from being in nature and wondering at its relentless abundance and creativity or playing the video game that is trading and being endlessly surprised by my mind and body’s ability to conjure up a such a convinving sepatrate self and such convincing threats to the existence of this phatom.

For a precise and concise description of what it means to believe in this phantom self and a strong case for livng free from it, see  The Ego and the Universe: Alan Watts on Becoming Who You Really Are

Freedom – both through the structure of the job and the qualities I need to succeed at it.But what does ‘freedom’ mean to me? Being able to choose the mechanisms of constraint and control that I submit to.

I am willing to embrace the rules of the markets and trading, and I am very happy to accept that how I behave and how I interpret the endless stream of opportunities presented to me is a reflection of my neurophysiological state and ultimately of my consciousness. But I am not willing to submit to someone else’s pointless bureaucratic rules about when, where and how I do things, nor would I be willing to comply with anyone else’s subjective judgements of me and the world, nor to their petty politics, and their personal agendas.

Trading is a 100% skills based endeavour (of course, market makers and brokers play games that I need to protect myself from – but understanding these is just another skill that is required to succeed). It is absolutely impersonal and only the present counts. The market is a very strict but very fair boss, completely free of personal prejudices, with no memory and no predilection for arse-licking conformity.


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