Yesterday I spent nearly 10,000 Euros in about 10 minutes. I bought a trading course. Another one. I remember spending the same amount on Van Tharp Peak Performance Courses, 1000 GBP on a course by John Burford. 700 GBP on a course by Chris Capre (by far the best value) and not even to mention the amount of services I have paid for.

So why do it again? What is different?

First of all, it could not be true to say ‘the van Tharp Peak Performance Courses did not work for me.’ I did not do the homework afterwards, although I did do most of the meditation work that fitted for me. I have never looked at most of the material again. What is did do was to start me on the  path I am on now: spiritual transformation through a trading metaphor. Van Tharp defines spiritual as just meaning that you know that you create everything yourself, that it’s all happening inside your own mind.

As for the other courses, of course I have learnt things. Whether I applied them or not is a different matter.

What am I expecting to happen?

What do I think I get that could possible make this course worth the crazy amount of money it costs. This is what I want to do:

  • Speak to people who are good at what I want to be good at every day and make them my frame of reference.
  • Share my trading ambitions and way of thinking
  • Help and encouragement in putting my trading knowledge to use and developing a plan.
  • Someone to talk over what I have done, what I want and the thinking habits I would like to change.
  • Trade big size so that I can make the money I want.
  • Make enough to be able to afford Biesenthal or not, enough to have choices and freedom.


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