Wim Hof seems to be able to do this.

I went to a Wim Hof workshop given by a couple of friends and as they explained what the cold exposure and the breathing techniques do, I understood it on a new level. I see that if I can interupt or cancel those messages that tell my body my life is in danger when all I am doing is looking at a screen, my trading problems would vanish.

On Friday I recorded myself trading the expiry trade which is fast and potentially very lucrative. My hand shook, I couldn’t add two numbers together, my perception of time was distorted, I wanted it to be over, I felt like things were impossible and against me. In short, I displayed all the symptoms of being in extreme stress.

So my body is reacting as if I am physical danger when I am not. So what I need to do is to train my body to react differently, to perceive the situation differintly and this has to be done on a subconscious level. So once again, Ken Wilbur’s integral theory pops up again, as solving this issue would require work on all four quadrants.


I wonder if this is the parasympathetic or sympathetic nervous system? What are the implications of the answer? Is one accessible and one not?

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