Strangley enough, this is not how I see trading. While I understand that its important to define trading well as following your system, responding to price action, controlling risk and probably some other factors, to not even try and and make money or have that as my intention is more than a little weird.

I don’t have this as my intention because I don’t believe I can do it. In the oddest depths of my mind, you have to lucky or chosen or sacrifice enough to get things, you can’t decide. So i sacrifice a lot of time and effort while making sure that I never make any money.

The same goes for buying our land, I just hope it will work out and i hope other things will work out too.

When it comes to finances, I feel an assumption of powerlessness. It’s absolutely untrue, but as Bruce Lipton says, if you want to know what you believe, just look at your life [REF]

How can I get myself a house? How can I make my work? How can I get a dog and a horse? How can I get involved with people? how can I learn German well enough to communicate with people?

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