More trading trouble today.

I want to follow Mark and Cam but this is like wanting to dance, draw or sculpt like someone else. The results will be mediocre. But the fear of stepping outside in a man’s world! In a world without their protection. How could that possibly work?

How could that work for me? Doing the opposite is a disaster. It fails every time. Could it be that trying to copy them gets me what I think I would get if I learned my own style.

Let’s go back to Dalio: is what I am doing working? No. Why not?

  • I make mistakes
  • I am fearful when I am trading
  • I have not learned their trades
  • I am passive and lose money when trades are going against me.
  • I try to trade more than market at once
  • Even if I understand the set ups, I still trade them badly

So what is the solution (not what I think I can do- just the best solution)?

  • Get advice from both Mark and Cameron and write a specific plan with timings and targets.
  • Release on FOMO – do nothing else but release FOMO for the next week.
  • Focus on discipline and triggers for the next 20 trading days.
  • Learn and practice the 3Min BB set up.
  • Continue Monday 5MB testing BUT adding PA management to learn how to manage these trades e.g. use 1Min EMA or fibs but whatever you do, be consistent. Do this only on the Dax: I will never be able to trade both markets at the same time. Let go! I will NEVER be able to trade both 5MBs on Mondays and I hate the FTSE 5MB.

Let go of everything – and I mean everything – else.

Like [SHE] said: once meditation is over, the pig tail will curl again. No you need to release in the moment.


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