Developed by Lester Levenson in the 1970’s… and taught by Hale Dwoskin.

Here’s a recording of a conversation I had about my financial woes with Hale Dwoskin from March 2015. It provides a good introduction to how The Method works.

Three and a half years later despite hours and hours of releasing it’s still there. It’s still my primary preoccupation. I know it’s unhelpful/stupid/destructive yet I still do it. Why?

The only explanation is that it is safe for me on some level and it is what i want. Van Tharp says that everyone gets what they want out of the markets and he right. If we can equate fantasies with what the psyche wants – very different from rational wants – I want loss, death and destruction. I allow my psyche it’s own mysteries but I have hunch that my system believes this outcome is inevitable and therefore wants to 1. Get used to the idea 2. Make it happen as soon as possible so that there can be no more fear because there is nothing to lose.

I don’t believe that I had conscious control over this. I believe that somewhere, deeply buried in my nervous system is a force that tells me not to want or have anything, because it is simply too dangerous. Three years later, this is conscious and can therefore be worked with using Holistic Bodywork practice.