The first week’s releases are:
“Do I allow myself at least the possibility that I can transform everything that I believe has happened to me into love?”
“Do I allow myself to transform all the decisions I believe I have made and strategies I think I have used into love?”

8-Jan-2017: I released on this for more than a week because it was so fruitful. My picture of my past is the source of my picture of the future. Just as people with amnesia cannot imagine the future any better than they can imagine the past, unless I release the past, the future inevitably takes the same form.*

As a finale today and releasing while tired (40 minutes and nod-off and my mind is completely elsewhere) I dived right into all my ‘if onlys…’ even after all my releasing on the past, I was still terrified to think of all those lovely flats I could have bought, all the millions I would have if only I had done things differently. But it wasn’t really there. The misery and pain I was expecting just wasn’t there.

  • Perhaps this is because there is no future or past. Everything is now, says Nisargadatta, which would mean that the past and the future have to be the same because they are creations of the same conscious in a single moment.
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