I began this project on 1st May 2016. Eight months later, gone are all but one of my original goals and intentions, the one that is left is to free my mind of limitation and negativity. My idea is to acheive this through releasing. Releasing is a technique discovered by Lester Levenson in the 1950’s. You first learn to release feelings and then progress onto releasing all your self limiting concepts, and the ideas of who are what you like and don’t like and what you can and can’t do. It is currently taught by many teachers, but my favorite is Hale Dwoskin, a student of Lester and creator and teacher of the Sedona Method. Lester’s six steps to freedom are shown below:

This has come a long way from my original starting point, which is here. There are many other techniques and methods which I have abandoned along the way and these can be found here, along with the reasons why I stopped using them.

How and Why?

With a goal like this I need some clearly defined milestones (I prefer to use the word ‘breakthrough‘) so that I know when I have made significant progress. I also need to keep a record of my daily habits so that I know what I did get there and what if anything I need to change as I learn more about the How and the Why along the way. This the purpose of this site, to document the process.

I know that at this point I should avoid having specific outcomes in mind, but it is irresistible: will I feel better? and if so, how much better? Will I solve my income problem? These questions need to be released as part of the process, but it would be disingenuous to pretend that I do not have specific intentions in mind. Perhaps letting these go will be one of my milestones.