I don’t desere this/it’s going to be taken away/who the f**k do I think I am?/What makes me think I don’t have to get a job/I will be punished for this grandiosty/U will die and the house will be taken away/I have tried to take too much/I am too lazy/I contribute nothing.

Ray Dalio in his principals [REF] says that you do get what you deserve as does Van Tharp [REF]. Agredd on the level of input/output, althoug Chris Capre says that if your input doesn’t match your output, that there is a problem in your mindset. How many times have I done a huge amount of work, sacrificed everything and ended up with almost nothing? How many people do I know who get a lot for very little input and all the others who get very little for a huge amount of time, energy and emotional investment in the things they do.

So the resolution of this one is that I don’t deserve any less or more than I have and nor does anyone else. What I have or don’t have is not a question of how good I have been, instead its a function of the following:

  • Allowing the flow of things, allowing the easy money to come and letting go of the fight to keep hold of what’s gone. It’s having trust and faith in an abundant universe.
  • Clarity of focus so that all your inputs are coherent and at peace with one anothet. When this is not the case all the energy and directed at one area will be cancelled out by an equally huge maount of energy directed at something that contradicts it.
  • Letting go of guilt, the kind of guilt that comes from childhood naughtiness and that comes from living in absolute comfort and luxury as a result of being born where I was to the parents I had.
  • Realiszing that there is no one there to deserve or not deserve as it is nothing but a flow of energy that you can get into the rythm of or can obstruct.
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