I want the markets to show me that I am special, that I am  uniquely favoured, that I can do things that others can’t, that I am somehow more worthy, more deserving.

Am I serious? Yes. I want the markets to undo my past, to undo my losses and mistakes. I want them to make me feel good and powerful again. i want them to undo my being the quiet, dumb one, ignored at the dinner table.

Each day I release for 40 minutes on ‘Do I allow myself at least the possibility that I could be profitable in 30 days.’ When I do that, once the initial chaos and resistance subsides, I find bizarre wants like those above.

Once I had released my way through the first layer –  and it released with an out-loud laugh – I then got onto ‘You’ll never do the work and you know it. You never do anything.’ That’s a very sticky one for me but also complete rubbish. I can start small with this one, by visualising taking today’s trade perfectly with 1000 Euro risk. Then comes the thought ‘And why not?’