A room, shut off containing a sculpture.

The owner of the building in which the room lies.

The Security Officer.

A sophisticated alarm system, wired into the walls. Run by a high power, long life battery.

The building’s owner who we call J for now, believes that the sculpture is under threat. He read in the newspaper that it is the only object of its kind and that all kinds of objects of similar value are under existential threat from all angles: the political system, the financial system, even from cultural folks who revere such objects and feel bonded to them.  And J believes that if any one of these forces is allowed to penetrate the chamber, or if the object taken out of the chamber and exposed to these forces it will most likely disintegrate on account of its history and it materiality.

This is why he invested an awful lot of time and effort into developing his extraordinary sensitive round-the-clock alarm system.

But this man, J, is from another time. What he doesn’t know and cannot comprehend is that the sculpture does not exist. It is hologram. It can appear at will and it can be moved, duplicated and altered as its beholder wishes. In its current form, it only exists because of the room and because of the security. Unbeknownst to J, who cannot perceive such a thing, he is protecting something that does not exist.

Alarm is so sensitive that it is even triggered by shadows, when it is really just meant to protect the object from invaders. It is wired into the walls so that no one can switch it off.


The only way to decrease the alarm’s efficacy is to slowly drain the current and exhaust the Security Officer. The battery that powers the system cannot tolerate light and needs to be carefully climate controlled. Even tiny holes, unseen by the human eye will weaken its response and it gets slower, quieter and and less persistent. The Security Officer, despite his diligence gets sick of responding to false alarms and mopping the water up after the sprinklers have been activated and begins to pay less attention to its maintenance. Also, the frequency and intensity of the alarm activations are beginning to damage the building and object…