In the shower, just put my head in the cold water and thought,

it’s not money – it’s fear.

I have been rich and miserable and when I look back I am baffled. Equally I see people who are hugely wealthy and could do whatever they wish but seem stuck and then there are those who have plenty of cash and just go around in ever decreasing circles, using their wealth in insulate them from all that is uncomfortable.

When I am fearless I feel amazing, and have the sense that I can do whatever is required. When I am fearful, no amount of money or love or attention is enough.

Similarly, when I look inside my money/survival worries the predominant thoughts are not about lack of something, no, the discomfort comes from fears that I won’t do what is required, that I am not capable, that I will be too lazy or doubtful to follow through.

What is the point here? Simple: focus on releasing fear rather than getting more things and more people. Releasing fear is not done by bolstering confidence and talking yourself up, as all that is is the flip side of fear. Instead it needs to be pulled out at the roots, and that means, but realising that the fear is made of the same stuff as the person who thinks they are fearful. And that you made it all up yourself.*

* Of course rational fear is useful; it is good to be fearful of the markets to the degree that you are aware of the likely difficulties you will encounter and it might be good to act on fears of illness or other safety issues, but only to the extent that you assess the situation and take action.

Plus lying awake it night, feeling fearful all day will do terrible things to your mind. See Mind map: Mario Martinez Mind-Body Code.