Van: Serious trading problems tend to come from one or two limiting beliefs at the deepest identify or spiritual level

  • The Universe is perfect with both good and evil existing as polarities in human judgement. The balance between the two is perfection.
  • No such thing as success or failure, only feedback. Identifying with ‘failure’ and making it ‘me’ has resulted in more failure*. Failure is therefore not a condition to be punished and regreted but a situation to be examined – trades are not failures they are curriculums.
  • Creative power: I am part of IT so when I change, I also change IT. Since all I know is my internal representation of reality, when I change that, I change what is REAL for me.
  • The world does not lack resources, only my model of the world lacks resources. A RESOURCE IS SIMPLY A STATE OF MIND which I can chose at will, to create limitations and barriers or the infinite possibilities of an expanded mind. With the latter state of mind, I accept in my mind all the resources  that I need to accomplish change.
  • There is no success without committment because commitment means that I am putting all my creative powers towards something and there is no conflict, only congruency. All of me is geared to one outcome, so what happens? I get it!
  • AND on a practical level: I can make all the money I need on 10 points per day.
To work on these, I can do ACIM.
* I traded without rules or research or a plan and therefore lost my money and decided I was ‘doomed’ and a ‘failure’ and that life was ‘impossible’. But everyone – absolutely everyone, without exception –  who does this will blow up their account. So I, at some point in the past, decided to trade without doing the necessary work. I do not do this now and I would absolutely not do this again. So how can this still be ‘me’?

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