And the more you personalise the markets, the more difficult it is. And  the Sedona Method encourages you to welcome just how personal situations or events appear to be:

The market (housing/stocks/art or any thing else) is against me! It always does that! That’ll never work for me! It just seems to know what I want and do the opposite! This isn’t for me! I’m jinxed!

In the case of trading, the more real you make the pixels on the screen and the more you believe your thoughts in response to them, the harder trading will be. By ‘real’ I mean personal, seeing the pixels that represent price moves as if they are consciousness reacting to your actions and desires.

But surely I have to be in charge? I have to watch and fight and be in control? Without training and effort, we are biochemically wrong for trading. We will always cut profits and allow losses to run, it’s just the way we are wired. See the work of Chris Capre if you want a more detailed explanation of why this is so.

The markets appear the threaten your survival  because they can take away your perceived means of support easily and effortlessly and there isn’t a dam thing you can do about that if you want to trade. If you try and get it back, you most likely done for. One of the best books I have read about this is The Hour Between the Dog and the Wolf by John Coates.

If you think the markets should give you something just because you have have given them a lot of money and I mean a lot, you are in for trouble. What would be the mechanism for this compensation? They are not a benign divine force looking down on you, not your family, they are not you friends and they definitely will not give you any money just because you have given it to them.

Despite being slightly perturbed by his apparent support for Donald Trump, I can finally make sense of Van Tharp’s belief that everyone gets what they want out of the market. I did, because I wanted to lose, I wanted to be its victim and I definitely didn’t want to do what I would have been able to had I been successful at it. See The goats have escaped.

To trade successfully you must be able to detach yourself from wanting money and switch focus onto the processes, systems and methods of trading. This is not easy.


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