How many times have I heard this and it made no impact on me whatsoever? It sounded like a pithy little statement used to placate Sedona Method students.

But it’s true. It is actually true.

Feelings are driven by wants and wants are driven by lack. That is the kusp of the Sedona Method.

I can only feel as desperate as I do because I perceive insecurity, almost constantly, buildings, artworks, computers screens, cafes, restaurants and the stock market: they all taunt me with what might have been, with my mistakes and with what I think I don’t have. I have no evidence for this. I blame it not having a house, having a poor partner, being in a foreign country. But I had the same perception when all of those situations were different. Maybe it was even worse when I had houses and bad still when I had piles of cash. So where is coming from? Lester would say it is the consequence of wanting to be a body, of wanting to believe I exist as a separate thing. Of course I do. Other people don’t but I do.


I am sitting in a cafe next to a man and his daughter. I am feeling envious. Earlier I read a post from a daughter describing how she told her father when her periods started and how upset her mother was that she was not there (this may as well be from outer space). I feel lack and security. I think about going back to the flat and I feel a subtle lack and insecurity. It is my missing Dad?

Is this lack a long long way in the past? Are we trying to get something that has gone and to avoid something that has already happened?