What a ludicrous statement.

One needs a Tibetan Lama as a teacher or a Hindu sage or an advanced yogi. But I have decided that stock market is mine. Seriously?

Because the markets punish ego. If you are a private trader trading your own account and you can’t admit it when you are wrong, you are toast. If you think things should go your if you think that you deserve to win because you have lost before or even just because you have done some work, you are also toast. If you think the markets are against you, are cheating you or are unfair, you have no chance. If you personalise the markets in any way at all, you will never trade profitably.

If you find yourself making excuses about why things are especially difficult for you, this won’t work either. You either have to fix it or get out.

There is nowhere to hide as a trader and once you fix one bad habit, the market will expose the next one and on it goes until you finally surrender and realise that you are just a little speck of nothing and that the only solution is to act in complete coherence with what is – not what you want, what you think should be happening, or what might happen, but what is.

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