Daily chart

I wasn’t trading today because i am developing content for the sister site, but here’s a summary of what happened.

This is the cash trade at the close of Tuesday 20th:

The TL had broken and stayed broken and the market had made a new low vs. October so the question was – would this be a false break lower (for now) or would it continue.

This was the H1 chart before the open today and the blue TL from cash chart is shown on this one too.

The key things to notice about this chart are:

  • The market is up 100pts ON.
  • The impulse channel down has been broken to the upside.
  • The important high from yesterday’s afternoon session has been exceeded.

These tell us – unless this reverses during the futures session – that we need to get long.

‘The new bear market’ headlines are appearing in the news, so the sell-off is becoming part of the popular consciousness, setting up the perfect conditions for a reversal.

What happened?

As expected, we saw a nice, strong move today which went straight for the TL I had been watching. Here’s the M5 chart of the day’s PA.

Active key levels and trend lines

Market opened just below CBOL & R1 and active levels were:

  • Confluence at CBOL, R1 & 2 fibs
  • Confluence at Y’day high, weekly S1 and RES 2.
  • Reversal at critical cash chart TL

Which strategies worked?

With RES 1 broken and the impulse channel broken, you could have gone long from the futures open.

  • It was not possible to go long at the cash open because it was straight into CBOL, R1 and fibs.
  • 3Min Bolli at the first confluence are (CBOL, R1 and 2x fibs) worked a treat.

Although this trade is counter the ST trend, by the time the market hits the KL the first impulse is over and price is no longer hugging the Bolli Bands.

  • The next KL was the confluence at y’day high, weekly S1 and RES 2

Again, this trade was against the ST trend but the market had begun ranging above the KL and with confluence at three important levels plus a level to aim for (CBOL etc,)

And a really beautiful trade today was the retest of the cash chart TL discussed over the last few days. This was also R1 and the low from the previous impulse move (ended Nov 13).

It would have been tempting to take the reversals before it hit the level and there were definitely points to be had, but with all those orders that are likley to be waitig at the TL and R2, the market juts had to go there.

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