Context: long from ex-gap fill (entry 12437) got to +10 but then went back to entry price before moving higher and some traders in the room had been stopped on the remainder of the trade.


Q: Dax trade stopped at BE ? On the long posted by Graham - long 37, then +10, so stop to BE. Low was 36.1 which accounts for spread as far as I can see so where is stop then?

A: I post these as a general idea stops. I like this trade long so if I see price vibrating around my stop after moving then I will adjust it. You have to be flexible its not an exact science. It's all down to the trade and how it develops I moved my stop by 2 points with my hard stop of 30 still there in my mind

Q: I'm fairly new to this room so I have to say I've never seen any posts saying that stops are just 'general'. Would have been good to know but wiser now I suppose.

A: This is a trading skill, and you have to be flexible. I had locked in 10 points so my 25 % runner can be flexible. You will develop a feel for this the longer you watch pa.

For the room, we have to post something specific for the newbies... but experienced traders should exercise their own judgment.

A: Stops for me are always flexible. I always enter a 15pt hard stop and then watch pa around -10 to see if I will hold or cover. Also, everyone has different entries and brokers with different pricing. The size of the stop we posts conveys our risk appetite and will be used to official recording purposes.

This was the trade:


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