This does make trading easier – fewer decisions – but I I react to trades that get stopped at STE and then go on to work by re-entering at a less favourable level.

The way to make this strategy work for me is to: (1) focus on making skilled, precise entries and (2) to have the confidence in my setups to know that I can re-enter if the PA is correct and (3) be system and consistency focused rather than FOMO and single trade focused. Of course it’s going to stop me out of winning trades!! I cannot have a means of reducing risk that does not cost profits – this trading …

This is what happenen today

  • according to Edgewonk, there was one trade where using STE at 1:1 missed a move (see below)
  • according to Edgewonk, there were five trades where uisng STE at 1:1 saved a loss

And today, 13th Feb, this trade was stopped beause STE was not STE but 0.7pt in front

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