This was a valid setup as a restest of RES 1. But the entry was a reaction to red bar and that cost me a win.

Sell is the small red arrow on the bullish bar below the level; when I entered teh trade this would have looked like a big red barso I jumped – around 5pts below RES 1 and this turned a winner into a loser.

This is impatient, unprofessional trading – prioritising one trade over apply skills consistently and reacting rather than planning. This typically happens after I’ve made some mistakes earlier in the session and today was no exception – results so far today:
I x mistake -1R
1 x bad fill -1R
1 x 5:1 trade +3.5R
1 x BE
1x BE trade with no setup that made it to 1:1 and BE
1 x BE short that just got stopped before the market fell – which tempted me into this trade

I am 5 trades into the day and +1.5R, but I am frustrated with my trading and focusing on the short that got stopped (look back at it, it was a poor entry and the correct entry was fine) and I have a long trade open with no setup …. then I make this trade which is valid but the entry is careless.

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