All three approaches end up in the same place – long for the next leg up. the entries are slightly different for each view and represent a trade off between getting in earlier and therefore taking less risk vs. waiting for the most recent high to break which may adding to the probability  of the trade working out but requires a larger a stop and target.

 This is a lovely shape and the entry can be very discretionary – as soon as you see HLs forming or juts picking an entry that gives you best possible SL – once the first three lows have formed you know exactly where you need the SL to be.
This is the more classic version – to take a break of the compression high – this is more comfortable because you are entering above the level but the stop is much wider than using the triangle entry below and the later you enter, the more the market has to do to get you your profits. 
Using this triangle formation means that you have to take the trade going straight into the KL – but by this time there has been so much trade around the level that the trade works anyway. The stop on this can also be much tighter.
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