Q: What are the signals to look for on a fade? 
Is it bar(s) to penetrate Bollinger band and close outside then opposite directional movement bar then want another bar to print higher or lower (depending on direction) than the bar outside the bolly band?
A: Simpler than that:
  •  You want to see a fast spike at the end of the wave, ideally breaking a level where it would clear stops.
  • On a 1m chart, just look for a fast impulsive bar to form at the end of a wave.
  • An excessive pull away from the 12ema.
  • As soon as I see it turning, I fade with a tight stop below the low
Q: Normally how many points do you look for the fade?
A: Take a +10 and run. In high ATR like this, you can easily get 40-50.

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