It was definitely not time to be selling. Thankfully I had closed my questionable Bolli Bands trades for small loses, but I seemed fixated on sells – even though I was long two postions (was I fearful of those positions and trying to bet on all horses again?). The market was very strong even before the rally:

  • The ON move had retraced to just below 61.% and made a rapid reversal.
  • The market was above CBOL and staying there without a problem.

All of this point to a preference for longs, not shorts.

These sells were 3Min Bollis that weren’t valid setups and then a TL break. Price has to be outside the Bolli Band to take the trade and TL breaks have to follow the HL/LH sequence unless they are a fade. Plus, price is already back inside the Neutral Zone and finding acceptance there.

I can see by my behaviour here that I am furious and wanting to be right – so of course, I missed the long – but I cannot remember being aware of those feelings. This is an often repeated pattern: I lose 3 or 4 trades in a row and am clearly revenge trading but not aware of it. Same as here Going into battle with a level

This is one of the very best setups bit with my short goggles on, I missed it. Compression breaks, rejects the break at a KL with some decisive PA and then it rockets.
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