This happens all the time with the 3Min Bolli trades; if the move to the level isn’t followed by a reversal, it often creates an Impulsive-Corrective structure which I can use to trade in the opposite direction to the Bolli setup.

This happened on the R3 trade. Just 10 pts came off the market in response to the level and then a J-Lo formed below it.

The market hits R3 (on the ask) and then reverses but quickly finds buyers which creates a J-Lo during the tustle between those selling below R3 and those buying the pullback. IOnce of of the first J-Lo, it retests R3 but does quite make it but this is followed by the handle of a cup and handle patters and then it continues upwards. This was a 2:1 trade

On the M3 chart, this looks more like a vibration below the level, supported by a fairly clear TL.

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