This trade was valid by four setups and I coukd have entered using the 3Min Bolli and then added using one of the M1 patterns shown below.

  • Gap fill fade
  • 3 Min Bolli
  • M1 fade using TL break
  • Triangle at a TL

The gap had filled at the open but accelerated straight off it, so there had not been much order flow at the level, making it valid level to fade when seen later in the session.

This is the classic 3Min Bolli setup on the M3 chart. It reverses out the level very fast – implying that there was a whole stack of buy orders waiting. There were 2nd and 3rd chance entries to this trade if you missed the level
The TL for the PA going into this level can be drawn very tightly so that it fits the majority of the candles but misses the reversals or drawn peak to peak (as shown here), either way it works to signal and entry into the trade
This is the entry using a small 4min triangle. You need to be looking for this setup as 4Min setup in real time won’t be shouting out at you, but with the H4 TL straight above the gap, you might expect price to pause before continuing upwards.
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