I like to use STE at 1:1 (usually +10pts) as it frees up my mind to look for new trades and according to my stats, it improves my profitability.

But there is one really obvious problem: I am trading levels so my entry is usually just above or below it and if the market makes a 10pt reaction, then retests before making the move, I will get stopped out and then the trdae will take off. This often leads me into some crappy trades – it did so toady (12th Feb).

To minimise the impact and likelyhood of these kind of stop hits, I need to be very precise and antipatory with my entries – to get in before the crowd.

Here I wanted to take a break of the TL but it was so fast that my entry was 4pts above where I wanted it to be – and this meant I got stopped when it retraced to the fib. The idea entry in this case would be to use the HL forming at the purple – by making the assumption that the buy off 11123 followed by support at the purple fib would be enough to assume a next leg up was higb enough probability to trade.
This is the same PA and the yellow line shows where the stop needs to be on the long when it’s opened – and then after +10 and STE it will still be below KLs. It’s still only a +20 but today’s entire range was 50pts.
This was a tricky trade as the lines are not clear. In this case, using STE at 1:1 saves me a loss if my entry is good. This is a broken triangle reversal pattern and if I had traded it using that pattern, I would have seen 1:1 and BE instead of -1R (even better is to trade the upper triangle TL as a retest rather than a straight break). My entry was reactive as that bar would have looked like a big green bar at the time I opened the trade.
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