SUP and RES lines are traded a 3Min Bolli trades. On the M1 chart I can add to these trades using a break of the TL that supported the (fast) move into the level.

This is an obvious was to add to the FUT gap fade but also, you can use the M1 TL break to fade a move into a SUP or RES level, but the PA has to be the right shape – no stairs steps, no vagueness.

What I don’t do

I don’t take breaks of these lines unless there is a compression around or into them. Or if the break is part of an Imp-Corr sequence. Just breaks will get me into trouble, unless it’s at the open.

On this day, I sold the break below SUP 1 at the open and then continued to buy and sell breaks above and below SUP 1 – and had four losers as a result.
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