Those trading on IG, remember price between 9pm and 7am is synthetic. It’s IG's pricing based on an algo that tracks Asian markets,
so it's not actual Dax trading
Q: Is that the same with the PRT charts? I mean the synthetic pricing?
A: If any broker is showing price between these times, it’s synthetic. That’s why on IG you often see a big spike at 6.45 where they try and bring their price back in line with expected futures open. I bound the the overnight range in red on my charts, so I know levels in that area may not be real. I just look at the overall behaviour in that period to get a picture of general strength/sentiment.

Q: Is overnight action from 9pm?
On my charts. I just mark from midnight because it’s easier. Or the obvious low in that period.
This is why you cannot calculate pivots using broker prices - you must you cash data only.