This PA was made confusing by the upper edge of the Neutral Zone being below gap close, so I ended up buying into gap close which makes no sense

Here I can see the effect of the incorrect Neutral Zone level: I keep shorting it even though there are all those juicy orders waiting at gap close above. And then I go long and short at the same time – I have set myself up for this confusion with my levels.

When I go back over the trades, I see that I was trading valid setups but my body did not feel like that. I felt very fearful as if I had done something wrong – the somatic markers of previous revenge trading sessions were triggered.

When I traded the gap close and again it looked like it was going against me (markets don’t have to reverse at gap fill) I took the long shown on this chart. It is OK to trade a break, but this was at the fib. Not good trading but not completely manic and out of control either as it was a setup.

The short turned out to be a huge trade but my management of it was affected by my perception that I had got my trading all wrong today – when in fact, it was just a mistake on levels.
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