Today (25 Jan) had mysteriously bad results. When I journaled my trades I found the cause of my -5.3R result: one of my goals is to perfect my entries so that they are patient and considered rather than reactive. But this means I need to use a different part of my brain to make the decision and that oart of my brain did not want to trade!

Every day I say that my trading just reflects today’s skill level and that I employ a Kaisen method – continuous small improvements.

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Learning trading – just like anything else – is like one of those sprung plate warming maschines: as soon as you deal with one thing, another issue pops up.

Normally I take trades so fast that I don’t have time to weigh up the pros and cons, but this week my goal has been to improve my entries and that means WAITING….then by the time the trade sets up I have lost the impulse to take it.

This tells me WHY I rush into things – if I don’t I will have to go through a thought process that I would rather avoid.

But I also know that this is an essential step to my profitability: truly accepting risk and making the conscious – slow thinking – decision to take the trade.

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