If my trading results are shit, it is due to one or more of the following:

  • I didn’t have the skills trade the day’s PA
  • I was tired or triggered or in some other way out of condition
  • I was really unlucky … there are some possibilities here, such as if every trade went to +19 or +49, but if the market is shit, I need to be able to identify that and not trade.

This means that there is never anything to be regretted – trading results are feedback, not failure. I take the time to go over all the trades I take and process the information by adding it to this site, so my skills increase. I exercise and eat and sleep well so my physical condition improves.

So there’s never any hand-wringing and identification with losing days or poorly traded days, no thoughts of ‘never… , no glueing myself to the losses and self-pity. It’s a Kaizen approach – review, measure and improve.

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