TL in the wrong place

Today I strated off wanting to make sure I got long if prices broke out of the impulsive channel. I took a long on the break which failed but it was a valid set up. But somehow between my analysis and setting up the chart I had moved the line to somewhere completely random and didn’t notice this even when I went back to adjust it labels so that I could trade it a second time. This cost -2R.

Buying spikes that don´t exist

Because I had decided that we might see a bounce today I wanted to buy the open. I was trying to buy the gap close but my entry was 12 points above it and my stop was exactly at the gap. This is clearly a fear based impulse trades There wasn’t a set up – no BB, no level, nothing.

Buy the low was a valid a set up and I traded it pretty well.

Screen freeze during the cash open

Just before the open we had a gap up and I wanted to try buying the gap fill again at the open which would have been a nice set up but my screen froze so I couldn’t take it

FUT close in the wrong place

I used the 23:00 not the 22:00 price for the futures close price. Then I decided I would take profits on my long at the futures gap fill and sell it if it set up. These trades set up perfectly but i missed them because my line was higher than it should have been.

This chart shows the PA from the last two errors:

Nice trade but too small due to massive stop

I wanted to take a break of a KL but I didn’t want to saty at my screen. So I used a TL as my SL but it was very imprecise and lead to a trade with a huge SL. The partial profits EA took profits very nicely on this trade but it was still a missed opportunity.

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