Missed oportunity at the futures open

I had the TL marked to trade on teh H1 and M1 chart but I didn’t take it on the M1 because it was based on ON action. This didn’t mattter and as long as I had waited until 9:01 i.e. until after the spread had decreased it worked a dream.My opening spike trades haven’t been at all successful but I can see that these have the potential to be monster trades.

Also, I have noticed that TLs on the M1 chart or often very clear and work very well during the futures session and this needs loooking into.

EA settings mistake

I had R:R on trendline trader set at 0.8, so my perfect entry on the early TL break closed at +30. My entry was on a break of the pink TL on the chart below.

By then end of the European session, this trade would have been up 150 pts.

Took a FOMO trade

I was pissed off that I had missed the M1 TL break so I started thinking about how to get on board. I took a break of the 2min bar. This is not in my system – although I could argue that it’s a break of a level – and it was stright into CBOS and fib. So not a well planned trade.


Late, reactive entries on the 3min BB

Realising that CBOS rather than my level was active and that this had set up as a 3min BB trade, I decided to buy. But the place to buy was on the failed follow through on the selling bar (marked by the arrow). This gives a stop below the lows and plenty of room on the upside for quick profits. There were two minutes available to think about this trade and get the correct entry.

This is the trade on the M1 chart

And this is it on the M3 chart

My first entry was so late that the SL was in the middle of nowhere and asking to gte hit and my second entry was straight into what I had identified as a level. It worked but then I left stop as was so it made 0.5R

Took a counter-trend TL break that didn’t exist and missed the one that did

I am slightly baffled as to how I took the long here at 12055 but it seems that i created a TL from one price point. The market compressed for half an hour, not know what to do. The compression was into my support line and so was a valid trade. The break through the lower line was in the direction of the trend but I had screen freeze and missed it.

Sell stair-step corrective pattern but use a bad SL

Seeing how the last corrective sequence had broken I realised that this would be the best strategy to use today. But, being unsure, I waited for some selling below the line which meant that my stop was exactly at the previous high, which took me out of a nice trade.



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