There were three levels that formed the confluence here, so SUP 1 really needed to be a zone between 12100 to 12093 rather than a line. The low was 12089, so just 4pts below the lower bounday of the zone – an entry at 12100 would have been stopped.

  • CBOS at 12100
  • S1 at 12093
  • BNR at 12100

I did take the trade and it did make me a nice 1R but it was very close to being stopped, so how do I handle this situation? Perhaps in this case my aim should be to get in as close to the lower level as possible.

TRADE PLAN: when I have RES or SUP zones rather than lines, trades must only be taken within the zone and never before it – that is just asking for a stopout.

This is how the PA looked on the 3Min

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