I don’t know whether this is normally the case, but moving my SUP 1 level to reflect Fut session activity would have given me a much better orientation today.

My attention was on missing out… so … I miss out. Instead my attention could have been on ‘what is going on here?’

SUP 1 in the original position above TL, but market goes down to test the TL before the open and in so doing, breaks my SUP 1 level

This is a classic pattern: TL breaks during the Futures session and the makes a dramatic reversal at the cash open – so my brain is thinking ‘Short!!# and the market is taking off in the other direction.

This is SUP 1 adjusted to account for the Fut session move and this means that the LOB is a 3Min Bolli buy

TRADE PLAN: when RES or SUP levels are broken in the Fut session, they need to be adjusted before the cash open