I wonder how much consistency is there in the PA before a break?

Sometimes it’s a very clear pattern, such as a triangle with a horizontal top for a break up and a horizontal bottom for a break down. It is also true that a compression is most likely to break in the same direction as the market moved into it but that will also depend on levels.

This is what the PA looked like today – before a nice break down. The context for this chart was a strong down trend on all higher TFs.

Prices goes into the level, bounces, comes down make a LL and then LH and then it breaks.
This is the same PA in more detail. Pin bars patterns that fail are often much better indicators than classic pin bar reading techniques. Just after the LH there are two failed bull pin bars and then the selling starts.
Seen in the PA context, this is a classic impulsive-corrective pattern for adding to a short position.
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