No setup=no trade

When I looked at the screen first thing I couldn’t see any setup, so I left the market alone. When I came back to the screen I saw where it was and I already knew that I wanted to sell the market up there.

Knew setup was strong so re-entered after a loss

I went straight back into what I knew was a great set up – even though the first trade lost.

Identified strong setup and a second entry opportunity to add risk

I also knew how high probability this trade was – definitely worth some extra risk so when the 1Min TL break set up as well – and was supported by bear pin bars I took that as well.

These were both 20+ R trades, so my profit taking needs some work… but nice trading nevertheless. Also since I knew where the trendline below was, I could have used that as a target.

Identified an important TL and traded it

While I was away from the screen, the H1 TL broke – this was also may support level -so the love was fast, with barely any heat on the trade to get to 1:1. I left 25% to run which was stopped at entry. This was a 3:1 trade, so again my profit taking needs some work.

Accurately identified levels

Overall, the reason why today went well was that I knew exactly where the levels were, and I knew how to trade them.

Chart show market reacting to my levels.

Use my concept of the Neutral Zone to orientate me

By having this marked on the chart I maintain a strong focus on the context of a move.

The lilac ‘Neutral Zone’ shows me clearly throughout the day  where the market is in relation to the PA context.

Spent less time at the screen and did fun things

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