Genuine love comes from knowledge, not from a sense of duty or guilt. […] Our whole knowledge of the world is, in one sense, self-knowledge. For knowing is a translation of external events into bodily processes, and especially into states of the nervous system and the brain: we know the world in terms of the body, and in accordance with its structure.

Alan Watts – The Book on the Taboo of Knowing Who You Are – (1966)

What the Dax did today

Mind/body and trading

Prostitute archetype
Bored! Took low probability trades
A new story
Only one thinking or belief pattern needs to change
Going on-Tilt
Losses today all caused by FOMO
Making up new rules so that I can trade
The reason I trade counter trend is in my imagination
It doesn’t matter how well trained, practiced and prepared you are if the PA is random
Sequence of losses vs. correct trade plan results
Learning to use ‘slow thinking’
Three revenge trades in a row

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