Mostly I cannot abide them. I have no interest in sports, no interest is how sports people train, I feel no excitement and absolutely zero inspiration by hearing stories of how brave, or determined, or single-minded anyone has been, or what they have achieved. It leaves me at best cold and at worst repulsed. I have no interest, in poker in crushing things, in New York, in restaurants or even in ‘winning’ in these terms.

The last thing I need is a bigger ego or a more competitive attitude. These have caused me nothing but trouble. This is what I want to feel:

  • Complete acceptance of what is happening in the markets
  • Easily saying to myself ‘I am wrong about this – time to get out.’

I have paid 10’s of 000’s of pounds to trading teachers but i never did what I was told to do. I always did my own thing. I didn’t like them, I was defensive against them and  didn’t trust them so why did I pay them a f***ing fortune?

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