Stop trading.

Release instead.

I told myself I wanted freedme more than anything else, yet everyday I attach myself to the market, make it real and forget completely about releasing until its over and then I release the consequences.

So why not start with the releasing.

Here’s what to do (it already feels like agony): set up my charts and establish levels, listen to the reports, read the Sype room and do absolutely nothing.

As feeling come up about what everyone else s doing and what they are getting, you release. That’s it for stage 1. Shear panic is arising at even the thought of this idea. My only task is to watch for 3Min BB setups in real time and record the results. My mind is saying NO!

I will lose and they will win and then I will have been destructive again.

There is something wrong with me. I am jinxed. I will always be a failure… and on and on and on it goes … always forever disaster.

As I attach to and personalise an inevitable outcome (losing when you trade without your own plan), making it mine and about me.

Analysis of my behaviour has almost no impact: not true. But very little impact. While I attach to the outcomes like this I will always lose. Therefore the solution is to release in the moment. But how?





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