by Ken Wilber


Ken Wilber’s Theory of Everything which has Integral Theory at its core explains many of my confusions and irritations, and reveals the reasons why so many things that I felt were wrong – are wrong. And also why many things that I very attracted to are helpful. Here”s a brief list:

Post-modernism allows for no meta-narratives or universal truths – except for one: that it knows and understands the world and the absence of universals.

Affirmations and the Law of Attractions are at best delusional and this is because they only deal with the top left quadrant, the self and consciousness and ignore all the others. To make things worse, the teachers and practitioners appear to be mostly stuck in Mythic orders and Power gods, and therefore concerned with self, superstitious beliefs, and material rewards.

Cold exposure is powerful because it works directly on two quadrants: self and consciousness and brain and organism. It could also be said to be effective on culture and worldview quadrants as an integral activity and in the social system and environment quadrants as a growing global movement.

Introduction to the Integral Approach by Ken Wilber

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