While stretching I see again that nothing changes by hating it, absolutely nothing. I can intimidate myself or someone else into apparently more functional behaviour but its not sustainable.

All the time I hated my body things got worse, not all the time, not continuously, but overall. Has hating what I have done with houses changed anything or has it made things more stuck? Has that hatred given me any power or taken me anywhere nice or brought me closer to anyone?

Has hating the way I feel about things made them go away. And what about my growing hatred for ‘XX’, how is that working out? My hatred for ‘BP’? And for ‘RX’ and for the RA? How did all of that work out for me? 

It’s not that hating is naughty in God’s eyes and he will punish me for it, it what it does to me and the seeds it plants.

And it’s the nature of hate: when I’m in it I repel any solution. But equally i can’t make myself stop it as an act of will. According to Tara  I need to release the 2nd dart and forgive the first.

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