Is Up To You Rude?

What’s up best reply?

“What’s up?” or here (West Midlands of England) commonly just “sup” is a general greeting, you can response with answers like “Not much”, “Nothing”, “Alright” etc.

In this context, the response is just a return of the greeting, or a confirmation that all is going normally..

What does it mean when a guy wants you to come over?

It means he wants to have sex. … It means he wants to have sex. I don’t know about your apt. or house or if you and the guy are each living alone or not, but when a guy wants you to come over to his place, the most obvious reason is that he’s put sex on the evening’s agenda.

What does it mean when a guy says no pressure?

A phrase used to express when you’d like for someone to do something, but you don’t want them to feel pressure to do it immediately or to feel burdened by it; rather, whenever they have the chance or if they can. … It can also be used sarcastically, in an event when there really IS pressure to so something.

What does it mean when a girl says nothing?

This really means something and you should be on your toes. “Nothing” is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. “Nothing” usually signifies an argument that will last “Five Minutes” and end with the word “Fine.”

What are you up to?

“Up to” is one of those pesky little phrasal verbs that you can’t translate literally. It just means doing something. So the question “What are you up to?” just means “What are you doing?”

What do you say Meaning?

(idiomatic) Used to ask someone if they are willing to do something. Let’s go to the movies tonight, what do you say? Synonym: what say you. (idiomatic, childish) Used to remind a child to say a polite expression.

How do you respond to what’s up in a flirty way?

Flirty Responses to “How Are You”I feel all the better now that you asked me.Everything is fine with you around.Right now, I’m on my way to paving a path to your heart.I’m single and ready to mingle! … Thank god you finally noticed me! … I have never been so strong. … How is your favorite person doing today?! (Hahaha.More items…•Jun 13, 2019

How do you respond when a guy says what’s good?

The most common answer to what’s up is “I am fine, thank you, what about you?” The person who is asking this is enquiring about your well being at that very moment.

Is it rude to say as you wish?

as you wish indicates that the other person has already made a choice and you accept it, but you do not agree with it. it’s up to you Indicates that no decision have been made, and you think that the other person should make the decision. Both are polite, but “as you wish” definitely conveys disapproval.

Why do guys say it’s up to you?

He wants you to say you’re interested too. He’s saying he’s up for a second date if you are. If this guy is anything like me, he’s not complicated, and he’s not playing games. He literally means “it’s up to you”.

How do you use up to you?

Explanation: “Up to” is commonly used to indicate a decision. It is common to say, “up to her,” or “up to them,” or “up to me.” “It’s up to you, but I don’t think we should bother him.” “I don’t care what we do tonight, it’s up to you.”

How do you respond to it’s up to you?

When we say “It’s up to you”, the other person can respond by saying “I’m up for it”.

What does it mean when a girl says it’s up to you?

Either way, the phrase “it’s up to you” means she is deciphering if you are going to make the right decision, and if you do not, there could be consequences.

Is Feel free rude?

Sixties Mod. Berry Terkovskiy said: In this respect, any speech beginning with both Do not hesitate” or “Feel Free” are not polite in formal English. These are mostly used in American Language which is known to be the “Language of the Man-in-the Street”.

How do you politely say I will get back to you?

I received your email I will look into it and get back to you shortly. Thank you for your email. Please expect a response from me as soon as possible. I will get back to you on this at the earliest possible time.

What does it mean when someone says it is up to you?

It means that you decide for yourself how well you want to play. ” That’s up to you ” can mean “It’s your decision”. When people say “That’s up to you”, it shouldn’t be taken literally. It just means that they are giving you the responsibility of making the decision.

Is it rude to say whats up?

It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just an insincere habitual blaaa that people say when they don’t really care about the answer. I do not find what’s up a ride greeting. … I however would not use that greeting on my parents because I would consider it rude.

What is up to now meaning?

up to now – used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time; “So far he hasn’t called”; “the sun isn’t up yet” as yet, heretofore, hitherto, so far, thus far, til now, until now, yet.

How do you say up to you politely?

There are lots of formal ways to make such a point. LH had a good suggestion, “The decision is yours.” Also, “The choice is yours.” Also, “It’s entirely your choice {decision}.” For “yours” one could say, “in your hands” or “entirely in your hands.”

What does its on you mean?

It generally means “it is your responsibility.” By responsibility it means that the blame or the victory would belong to you – sometimes it is said when someone is taking a risk or doing something that could go badly.