Question: What Is Better Golden Rake Or Bubble Wand?

Which is better bubble wand or scythe?

The Bubble Wand imo is better as it does a wider area and you have less chance of hitting a (0) pollen spot unlike the Scythe.

The Scythe is great if the server is laggy and the flowers are re spawning quicker.

Average refill time with Scythe is around 2.30..

Is the porcelain Dipper good?

The Porcelain Dipper is currently the second-best collector in the game as it collects large quantities of red, blue, and white pollen. However, it collects more white pollen than red and blue pollen. … If the player is not on the field, even if the light beam touches the field it will not collect pollen.

Is the Spark staff worth it?

The spark staff is a good collector to have if you can’t afford the Procelain Dipper and it helps you get a lot of honey for the beekeepers mask and boots. Plus, you don’t really need honey to get tickets for Photon bee anyway.

Is the honey dipper better than the bubble wand?

Answers: Porcelain Honey Dipper is the best. Bubble wand is better than Scythe.

What does a honey dipper do?

A honey dipper is a kitchen utensil used to collect viscous liquid (generally honey) from a container, which it then exudes to another location. It is often made of turned wood.

How do you get the coconut backpack in bee swarm simulator?

The Coconut Canister is a bag that can be purchased in the Coconut Cave. It has the most base capacity and the highest price of all containers. It can be purchased for 25,000,000,000 (25 billion) honey, 150 tropical drinks, 150 coconuts, 150 red extracts, and 150 blue extracts.

Where is the Mountain Top Shop in bee swarm simulator?

The Mountain Top Shop, also called the Glider Shop, is a shop located past the Lion Bee Gate.

Is Spark staff better than Golden Rake?

Golden rake. Most people say to completely skip spark staff and go for the porcelain dipper. The Golden Rake is better because the passive ability collects a crap ton when used during field boosters/winds.

What are bubbles in bee swarm simulator?

If any player touches it, it pops, collecting 3 red/5 white/10 blue pollen (+15% per gifted blue bee) from 29 nearby flowers and causing them to grow.