Quick Answer: What Is A Hood Girl?

What is a hood person?

Answered 9 months ago.

HOOD : Someone who is from an inner city and expresses the essence of urban culture .

Not to be confused with ghetto because a person can be hood but not ghetto at all.

Describing a person as ‘hood” can be a positive compliment but describing someone as ghetto is usually derogatory..

What does ratata mean?

that something this geniusratata 13. ratata: that something this genius or super. Words start by R.

What is another name for Hood?

What is another word for hood?cowlcapotecloakcoifcoronetcoverhathoodiehoodykerchief29 more rows

What does kinda classy kinda hood mean?

quite chique, sophisticatedKinda classy means quite chique, sophisticated. Kinda hood means quite “street” “gangster”

What does girl hood mean?

Girlhood is the period of a female person’s life during which she is a girl.

What does Hood Princess mean?

Ghetto Princess. When a girl acts like she just grew up in the ghetto and she runs the hood “Ghetto Princess”

What are some gangster words?

Some of the most popular ganger slang words of the 20s included:bean shooter – a gun.beef – a problem or complaint.blow one down – to kill someone.bop – to kill.bruno – an enforcer; gangster tough guy.bump – to kill.button man – a hit man; killer for hire.can opener – safecracker.More items…

What’s the difference between Hood and Ghetto?

Ghetto is place where specific racial group of people live in one area. Hood is describing someone or someplace that is low class or low living conditions and a specific racial group lives in .

What’s good in the hood?

(slang) Everything is all right; no problem; used to reassure someone. “Sorry about nearly breaking your vase, Carl.” “I don’t mind, man. All good in the hood.”

What does hood love mean?

“Hood love” is simply an indication of two people who are emotionally immature.

What does hood mean in slang?

The definition of a hood is slang for a neighborhood. An example of a hood is what you’d call the area in which you live in the inner city.