Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Preemptive?

Is presumptively a word?

pre·sump·tive adj.


Based on a presumption; presumed: the party’s presumptive nominee..

What is an attempt to attract intruders?

Attempting to attract intruders to a system setup for monitoring them is called? = Intrusion Detection.

What is a system that is setup for Attracking and monitoring intruders called?

e. static packet filter. 7.) This is a computer system on the Internet that is expressly set up to attract and “trap” intruders.

What type of IDS is Snort?

network intrusion detection systemSnort is a free open source network intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) created in 1998 by Martin Roesch, founder and former CTO of Sourcefire.

What is a prerequisite for faith in God?

Faith requires us to sacrifice that and trust in God, the only one who is able to see the things that are invisible to our finite eyes. The only one who knows our future before we do. … So if the substance is before you and you can see it, then there really is no need for faith.

What is another name for preemptive blocking?

What is another word for preemptive?preventativeprecautionaryblockingdeterrentprotectiveprophylacticanticipatorydisease-preventingcounteractivedefending27 more rows

What is the another term for preemptive blocking?

Preemptive blocking is sometimes called banishment vigilance.

What is preemptive blocking?

Preemptive Threat Protection System to Combat Attacks on Instant Messaging Networks. … RTTPS automatically detects and quarantines suspicious or dangerous enterprise IM traffic before IM worms and viruses can propagate and infect vulnerable users and cause significant damage to corporate networks.

What’s another word for jumping the gun?

What is another word for jumping the gun?prematurehastyprecipitouspreviousuntimelyimpetuousinopportunetoo soonhalf-bakedhalf-cocked205 more rows

What is the opposite of preemptive?

Opposite of made so as to deter an anticipated unpleasant situation. fixative. remedial. corrective. curative.

What is a preemptive strategy?

Preemptive strategies often offer the best opportunity to gain advantage over competitors and upset industry balance. … A common example of such a preemptive move is to ex- pand capacity well ahead of industry demand, in the hope of gaining market share by discouraging com- petitors from expanding.

How do you use preemptive in a sentence?

Preemptive in a Sentence 🔉Spraying around the property for termites is a preemptive move a wise homeowner should make. … Since the government doesn’t want to take a preemptive step against the dictator, it won’t pass a war declaration without provocation.More items…

What advantage does Ah have over Spap?

What advantage does AH have over SPAP? AH is stronger authentication.

What is the opposite of a contrarian?

Noun. Opposite of a person who expresses a contradicting viewpoint, especially one who denounces the majority persuasion. conformist. conventionalist.

What is another word for prerequisite?

SYNONYMS FOR prerequisite 2 requirement, requisite, essential, precondition.

What does preemptive mean in law?

The preemption doctrine refers to the idea that a higher authority of law will displace the law of a lower authority of law when the two authorities come into conflict.

What is an example of prerequisite?

The definition of a prerequisite is something that must happen first, or that is a condition of something else occurring. An example of a prerequisite is the requirement that you have money before you can buy something.

What is the opposite of a prerequisite?

Antonyms: optional. Synonyms: necessity, demand, requirement, requisite, necessary, essential, prerequisite.

Is emptive a word?

‘Emptive’ isn’t a word, and other ‘pre’ prefixes aren’t hyphenated (e.g. prefix, predecessor).

What is a synonym for preemptive?

priːˈɛmptɪv) Designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence. Synonyms. preventive preventative pre-emptive. Antonyms. permissive unprotective unhealthful lenient.

What do you mean by preemptive?

of or relating to preemption. taken as a measure against something possible, anticipated, or feared; preventive; deterrent: a preemptive tactic against a ruthless business rival. preempting or possessing the power to preempt; appropriative; privileged: a commander’s preemptive authority.