What Does M2 Mean In Medical Terms?

What does M2 stand for in medical terms?

second marginal coronary arteryAbbreviation for: second marginal coronary artery (see there) Segen’s Medical Dictionary..

What does T2 mean in medical terms?

T2 reflects the length of time it takes for the MR signal to decay in the transverse plane. A short T2 means that the signal decays very rapidly. So substances with short T2’s have smaller signals and appear darker than substances with longer T2 values.

How do I calculate M2?

Multiply the length and width together. Once both measurements are converted into metres, multiply them together to get the measurement of the area in square metres.

Which is an example of M2 money?

A broader definition of money, M2 includes everything in M1 but also adds other types of deposits. For example, M2 includes savings deposits in banks, which are bank accounts on which you cannot write a check directly, but from which you can easily withdraw the money at an automatic teller machine or bank.

What is the difference between M2 and square meters?

Metre is the unit of length in the SI system and square metres is the SI units for calculating area. The confusion arises when we see metres squared written or spoken….Updated 04/01/2020 (see below)Area= Length x BreadthA=l × b2 metres x 2 metresA = 2 m × 2 m4 square metresA = 4 m2Mar 1, 2017

What does T2 status mean?

What is T2? Community goods are from the EU or bought in the EU, or are non-community goods that have been cleared (or imported from another country) to public circulation. These goods are ready to be redistributed.

What does T2 mean on MRI?

T2 (transverse relaxation time) is the time constant which determines the rate at which excited protons reach equilibrium or go out of phase with each other. It is a measure of the time taken for spinning protons to lose phase coherence among the nuclei spinning perpendicular to the main field.

What does M2 stand for?

The square metre (international spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or square meter (American spelling) is the SI derived unit of area with symbol m2.

What does M2 mean in pharmacy?

Name and quantity of drug per square meter (m2) of body surface area with frequency of administration. Example: Haloperidol 1 mg/m2 BSA three times a day or. Haloperidol 3 mg per m2 per day in 3 divided doses.

What is MG M2 dosing?

General. Most drugs in children are dosed according to body weight (mg/kg) or body surface area (BSA) (mg/m2). Care must be taken to properly convert body weight from pounds to kilograms (1 kg= 2.2 lb) before calculating doses based on body weight.

What does M2 mean in flooring?

square metersIn this case, wooden flooring prices are based on units of M2, also known as square meters. This is an area of a square whose sides measure exactly one meter, hence the name. The prices you see online are based on the price to buy one unit of 1M2.

What is T2 hyperintensity?

Hyperintensity on a T2 sequence MRI basically means that the brain tissue in that particular spot differs from the rest of the brain. A bright spot, or hyperintensity, on T2 scan is nonspecific by itself and must be interpreted within clinical context (symptoms, why you had the MRI done in the first place, etc).