Principles, PA Context and Results

Unless price is near my levels, trading is just guesswork; ‘my levels’ means:

  • my key levels (KLs) RES 1, 2 and 3 and SUP 1, 2 and 3
  • NEUTRAL Zone boundaries
  • my trend lines (TLs)
  • Daily pivots R1, R2, S1, S2, R3, S3, CBOL and CBOS
  • Weekly and monthly pivots
  • Fibs
  • Daily and weekly cash chart moving averages
  • unfilled gaps: cash gaps, ex-gaps and futures close

All these levels can trigger trading activity, but in selecting levels to trade I look for confluence and coherent PA context – trading levels without those filters will yield substandard results. Spotting high probability levels to trade is a skill that comes from years of experience trading and hundreds of hours watching and analysing DAX charts.

See It doesn’t matter how well trained, practiced and prepared I am if the PA is random

Risk management

Daily, weekly and monthly risk limits and how I enfore them, and how this works out in practice

Found ways to break my own risk rules
How I deal with losing days
Opened three losing trades in a row but my Alarm Manager didn’t close my charts
Mistake on alarm manager meant that screens closed by I took the trade anyway
Loving my new risk controls
Risk control working as I was obviously On-TILT
Why I never take trades overnight (anymore)
Overnight gaps and big losses on open trades – 19/3/18

My setups

3Min Bolli
3Min Bolli 2nd chance entry
Break-back-in to KL or TL
Choppy Trade Extremes (C-T-E) (proposed)
Compression or vibration at KL
Gap fill fade (Futures, Cash and Ex-gaps)
Hits-Corrects-TL Breaks (H-C-B)
Impulsive-corrective structures
J-los and Igloos
R3/S3 Fade
Relationship between the setups
Results by setup
Retest-reversals of a KL or TL
The Jigsaw – cash market opening spike
TL Breaks (EA)
TL trader EA (proposed)
Trendline (TL) breaks
Triangles and Reverse Broken Triangles (R-B-T)
V-Shaped 3-legs Rev

Expert Advisors

Protected: Testing time filters on Fractal EA strategies
Expert Advisors in MT4 to trade fractals

Skill development: setup examples and fine-tuning

Took two Rule of 3 trades but were they valid?
This was a retest – not a 3Min Bolli 2nd Chance
How did the low break and could I have avoided the false Imp/Corr breaks?
12pts in the first 15mins and then a breakout

Skill development: reading PA and identifying levels

Scratching trades – good or bad idea?
Ranging PA so don’t take a break
Putting the Futures close price in the wrong place
Even a fast break of a critical level gives a nice entry if I wait a couple of minutes

Trade plan development: what works and what doesn't

How I deal with losing days
Review of last 6 weeks: sells have been expensive
Using PA Context to select trades
Less is more, no trading after 11:00
Use of different accounts during the session
Building a trade around a PA scenario