Took the 3Min Bolli trade against the PA because I knew we were in Neutral Zone

I traded the 3Min Bolli 4 times. The first level was the TL – the second trdae was an impulse trade and the other two didn’t have legs; the market really had to get to the RES 1 level to clear orders up there and this was my 4th 3Min Bolli trade.

Carried on trading valid set ups even though I had made mistakes

I took a dumb 3Min Bolli and a mistake M1 T trade but these did not put me off my stride.

Took the TL break at the boundary of the neutral zone and used good profit targets

It was wise to take half this trade off at gap fill but completely unnecessary. I used PA and set the targets for the rest of the trade to achieve 1.2R, despite having to take half the trade off before 1:1.

I read the PA around the gap close accurately and understood how to take trades counter to the Neutral Zone

I came out of the trade with 0.2R because I was uncertain how to trade but it was a good exercise in developing rules for this situation.

Were there losses that could have been avoided?

The TL break showed me the power of the Neutral Zone. This trade was also into Res but I thought the market was going for the futures gap, where I would reduce risk.

There were three reasons not to take this trade and that should be enough to trigger my probability brain into not taking it.

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